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:: About Us ::
Welcome to Siamese Planet, the home for all things Siamese. Whether your're a breeder, owner or just have an interest in this wonderful breed we hope you find something interesting or useful.

Everything on the site is free to view or to join, Siamese Planet is staffed solely by Siamese enthusiasts who also have a passion for web design and for ensuring the very best experience for all new and current Siamese Cat & Kitten owners.

Breeders will find a a wealth of information together with sections to advertise your cattery, kittens or studs. We also have links to a Siamese Cat Chat board and specialist web design services. Whatever you're looking for as a breeder we aim to cater for you and if you can't find it, let us know and we'll do our best to add the information or service.

New or prospective Siamese kitten owners will find access to some of the best breeders in the UK, listings of available kittens and a broad range of information designed to help choose and look after your kitten.

Siamese Planet is a product of the people who use it, if you have any comments or suggestions, articles. information or anything else you would like to see on Siamese Planet please let us know.

Thank you for coming to Siamese Planet!
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